Monday, May 16, 2005

16 May 05: Excitement?

Okay for those of you who know me I am sure I don't have to tell you. But for any of you who don't know me I tend to be a little bit of a thrill seeker, adrenaline junkie. Just keep that in mind.

Do to a comedy of errors on the part of my little team which is minus two people at the moment we failed to pick up one of our guys that had come in from one of the more remote locations to go on leave.

I went to the work like I normally do. Relying on my trusty sidekick to deliver said soldier to BIAP. So you can imagine my surprise when said soldier walks up to me at 0720 and says "hey the ride did not show" Okay so I was alittle animated. But I must be starting to settle down in my later life cause I was like okay we just take the truck and take you down there.

1st Problem: NO key! The key was with the guy who was supposed to pick up the soldier going on leave in the first place. I now have 25 mins to get the guy to BIAP for his roll call so he can get his flight. I need a truck. Witness the fun of Vick's very own 24.

2nd Problem: NO Buddy aid! So I go to old realible buddy of mine named SSG Cundiff who is always capable of bailing you out in a jam. But to get to him I have to do the mad 71 step dash down stairs and 100m across the palace to the admin areas. At 6'5" and 220+ not to much a guy like him can't bail you out of to be honest. He is not in Yet. now I have 24 mins.

3rd problem: Still need a truck! Need to ask for more help. So then jog over to the ops center and talk to another guy who knows. Who wants to know why I need a truck. Explinations take time. But I get the keys to another vehicle. And we sprint like BAtman and Robin from the Batcave to the Batmobile (an explorere in our cases) it is now 21 mins and we still have 300m sprint through the palace down the road to the parking lot. Lucky for us the Local boys from the big Island (Hawaii) saw us running and opened the Gate to the palace road. Which made it easy since I had a duffle on my shoulder and the Soldier had his helmet and body armor and carry on.

4th problem: Find the truck! But I am thinking on my feet pushed the panic button. Explorer found. No sweat. I now have 20 mins.

5th problem: Time! It takes 20 minutes at 60 kph to get to the airport. The speed limit is 40 kph. So what is a guy like me gonna do.

Solution: I learned to drive in the District!!!!!!!!! So for my boys from high school and college that have been with me all this time and are thinking "hey Vick's getting old he has lost a step or two!" Don't let the miles on me fool ya. There is still some fight left in this old dog. Remember exeprience and treachery always beats youth and endurance.

So driving like I sotle it. We set a WR/Olympic/FOB (forward operationg base) record for getting from the palace to BIAP in 16 minutes. It would have been 13 but I got stuck for 3 mins behind a septic waste truck. That would have been the equivalent for Dan jansen's 1000m skate in his last Olympics.

We arrived with time to spare at the airport. The soldier I was transporting was happy and did not even turn green. That was such andraline rush for me. Ahh... the life of desk jockey.

So just remember Kifer ain't got nothing on Vick!

I hope this find you all well.


"Remeber the tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of both dictators and patriots."


Blogger Ben said...

Nice job Mario!

4:15 AM  
Blogger Robyn said...

And you get mad at me for driving that way. Looks like I have passed the lead foot on to you.

5:39 AM  

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