Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Okay here is another prime example of my elected officials not doing their job; which they just supposedly gave themselves a raise for. Even if it was just a per diem raise.

Okay so when the founders thought up the courts and all that we call government they came up with this idea where the committee looks at the judicial nominees and then votes for the nominee to go to a vote on the whole floor or to not let them go to the floor. Well if you vote no to let a guy go to the floor for a vote then his chances of ending up a judge is like nil.

Then later our founders came up with cool idea to stop people from spending money on stupid things; money that does not belong to the government but to the people. Like bridges to no where and government endowments to find out what the consistency of ketchup. Stuff like that which is a total waste of tax money. Basically a filibuster is if you could run your mouth long enough you could prevent a vote on a bill. If you could do it long enough you might be able to stop the bill all together. Great idea when dealing with spending and other do nothing laws. Bad when it comes to Judges. Tax dollars are not for creating programs to make Americans life support dependent on the government. That is called Socialsim; USSR tried it failed. Quit buying votes and lets do some good. And that goes for the appeaser party and the supposed fiscal conservative party.

Well the founders never thought about a filibuster in a committee to vote on a judge being sent to the floor for a vote of approval or disapproval. That is because up tell the whiners/appeasers lost control of the congress no one had done it before. Now they realize that the only way to get any legislation passed is to get radical judges who want to make laws from the bench. There is a concept the founders never thought of. I am sure jefferson is rolling over in his grave screaming about just interpreting the law. Well filibusters in committee are worse than an up or down vote. Because nothing happens. Congress has that down already. Doing nothing that is. Oh wait they did vote not to do a whole sale pull out of Iraq. So there is at least one good thing.

If you filibuster an appointee then it never gets voted yes or no to go to the floor. It stays in committee where everything comes to die. Similar to purgatory. This just leaves an empty judge seat out there. Well that is not what the founders intended. Stop the madness! Give them the up or down vote! If you can't then vote the appeasers out of office so we can get some work done. Seriously you are still getting paid your full salary for basically making the judicial branch work like crap. Good Job! The founding fathers I am sure are so proud. Also doing away with all filibusters is not the answer either. That think keeps alot of pork from becoming law. Or well it used to up unitl the last I don't know 14 years.

you know why the appeasers are losing control of the government? Gee, let me think a second. Uh! Could it be they have lost touch with the American people? I will tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a soldier here in Iraq that wants to abandon the mission.

Oh wait! I know!I know! It is because all the appeasers do is whine. Has anybody heard them suggest a solution to any of the problems that we are going through? Oh wait they did suggest withdrawl. Hey! Making the government bigger is not a solution. Trust me! Don't' believe me ask imperial China, The Roman Empire. The civilizations started to fall when the government was at its largest. See proof that bureaucrats do suck the life out of you! Read about imperial chian and their corrupt bureaucrats. But I digress back to my point.

But if you ask us if we want to go home. We will all says yes but that does not mean we want to quit. So if you are polling don't ask if we want to go home and then use that as the reason to pull out. Everybody who is away from home wants to go home. DUH!!!

Okay other stuff you did not see on the news. The Pres in Mongolia. Cause some of you don't know those Mongolian guys can fight. A couple of them shot a suicide bomber in his vehicle on a collision course with the mess tent. Mongolian Marksmanship + terrorist = dead terrorist and a lot of lives saved in Iraq. So we gave Mongolia 11 million to help get there democracy on their feet. I am cool with that one because those guys are earning it that money with their blood fighting for democracy and freedom something they had only 15 years.

I just think we should take what ever aid money we are sending to Germany and France and give it the Mongolians, and the Polish, Romanians, any of those guys that are fighting with us. Basically you fight with me in my time of need I won't let you down.

Now if I could just get the government to quit taxing everything so much. So small businesses could create some wealth in this country.

Ever wonder why U.S. corps have home offices in the Cayman isles. Well simple. If you are a foreign company you only pay taxes on what you sell in your country not foriegn countries. That seems fair right. Now check this out. If you are an American company based in the U.S. you pay taxes not just on what you sell in the U.S. but also on all the money that you make in rest of the world. Wow that sucks. You get to pay taxes to the country you are selling in and by your home country. That makes me want to get out there and make my buisness' profit margins bigger. Nice. That is almost Double jeopardy.

OH yeah. I want to scream about how silly some people are being over the price of gas. We don't have an oil problem. We have a refining problem. Don't believe me look up on google see when the last time an oil refinery was built in the U.S.

See this goes to show you people don't understand supply and demand. For example, Part of the reason good diamonds are so expensive is because there aren't that many of them. Well if you can't make a lot of something and a lot of people want it then price goes up. If you want lower gas find a way to make Oil into gas on a larger scale. Hello, I got this in JR high. What happend to the rest of my country. Maybe school house rock should have done something on economics.

Please people think a little bit. Cause god knows the media does not even take time to see if the story is true before they run it.

Sure glad we did not have the revolutionary war with this current media landscape.
could you imagine the headlines.


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