Friday, November 11, 2005

11 NOV 05: Rants

Okay so i don't get to watch much TV over here in Iraqi. But I did get to watch a massive waste of my fricking TAX dollars yesterday! I love the blame mentality! I was treated to a few minutes of the farce that we are calling congressional hearings in the house about FEMA. There I just about fell out of my chair when a US representative of multiple terms, MR Sexton asked the most lame question I have ever heard in my life. "why did the military not step in and help out in LA sooner after katrina." Duh little thing written in 1878 written by some smart guys who came up with this thing Called Posse Commitatus. It prevents the military from operating inside the borders of the us without the expressed permission of congress or defens of the homeland. This makes it harder for a charismatic General to come to power and tople the civillian Government. I mean hell the precedent was set by the first president of the US after he kicked Great Britain out of the U.S. He returned a Victory and sent the army home. This allowed the U.S. Civillian governement to operate with out fear of being over thrown by the military.

Okay if you have read the consitution. and I mean all of it. ( If not I recomend you cut past that link into the address spot of you web browser and read the thing. If you have read it then you know that the founding fathers set up a system of limited federal governement. Reason why is so that we did not end up like european countries with a federal governement that was so big it sucked the life out of the country with taxes. With all powers and rights not granted to the fed to be left to the states to decided.

Okay well in 1878 the founders thought up this thing called posse commitatus. ( This prevents the federal forces liek the us army from operating in the country specifically states with out the expressed authorization by the constitution or congress. Wow can't believe somebody has been voting for an elected official who does not grasp the concept of the Posse Commitatus.

The current system set up is for the state governor to ask for assistance through FEMA. Congress has delegated its authority to approve the us of federal troops in the U.S. to FEMA. That is fine but responsiblity can not be left up to the military to guess when we step in. That is why we have a civilian lead government and not a military dictatorship. Also I was a little insulted by Mr. Sexton's not so subtle insinuation that people in America can't take care of themselves. Another person pushing the big government and no one is responsible for their own actions.


Blogger Ben said...

I about fell out when I read this. You are the best. Would you like me to forward your message to Mr. Sexton?

5:28 AM  
Blogger VICK said...

yes please forward it to REP Sexton.

3:52 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Is this the guy?

5:31 AM  
Blogger VICK said...

hey buddy the link did not come through but if it is an old guy with classe. That is called REP Sexton.
that is him

5:35 AM  

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